Why Work With Us

The great benefit of a reverse mortgage is that you use your home equity to pay for the things you want right now and live in your home the rest of your life without making mortgage payments!

Bill Krone is the principle of AZ Loans. He is affiliated with Pinnacle Capital Mortgage, a large national company doing business in 50 states.

Bill does business the way it used to be done. He will come to your home, sit down with you at your kitchen table, and answer all of your questions.

He will help you decide if a reverse mortgage is a good strategy for you and your family. If you would like to have your children or your trusted advisor with you for your appointment, they are very welcome.

Reverse mortgages may also be used to downsize, upsize, or right size your perfect home.

  • You may stay in your existing home without mortgage payments
  • Sell your home and downsize to a smaller home without mortgage payments
  • Sell your home, buy your dream home without mortgage payments

Bill will be with you every step of the way to advise you as you make these decisions.

There is some fine print, but it’s pretty simple. You must keep current with property taxes, HOA fees, homeowners insurance, and basic maintenance”.


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